Bled, Slovenia. Creme Cake Heaven.

Who are these people?

imageThey’re Bled pastry pros…circa mid-1950’s…led by Serbian pastry chef Ištvan Kovačevič. I have NO idea which one Ištvan is in this photo, but I’m guessing he’s the guy wearing the biggest hat. It seems he created an incredibly delicious dessert back then. He called it Bled Creme Cake.

Generally I can’t cram candy, ice cream, desserts…and especially pastry…into my fat face fast enough. But I had never heard of Bled Creme Cake until one day when I was walking along Lake Bled’s bucolic shore…and I saw a big sandwich board blocking my path to a cheesy souvenir shop a few feet away.


Get a load of that sweet hunk of heaven, will you now? Creme Cake. Geezus. Who knew? Not me. Never, ever heard of a Creme Cake in my life. And, no…a Hostess Twinkie doesn’t count.

So, here’s the scoop on my latest, heavenly sweet tooth moment; Cream Cake.

Creme Cakes have been well known to visitors to Bled, Slovenia for decades and, are in fact the symbol of Bled. Imagine that…cake!

Over the last 60 years as many as 12 million cream cakes have been sold. Each gorgeous cake has a golden crispy crust made from butter dough and a vanilla cream filling topped with whipped cream. An enticing dusting of powdered sugar crowns the creation.
The terrace of Hotel Park…where these treats are exclusively served…was slammed with people eating Creme Cake that sunny day. And everyone had BIG SMILES on their faces. I just had to have a Creme Cake. Had to. Immediately.

When I shared my Creme Cake story with my traveling companions…they weren’t all that excited. Unless there’s a warm, crispy French baguette…a pound of butter and a big glass of house red sitting on a table in front them…they never get too excited about anything that sounds like dessert.

“C’mon, Creme Cakes? Really? What’s the big deal?”

After I finally promised to take some boring rowboat ride across Lake Bled with them and a dozen other Creme Cake ignorant tourists later in the day…they all decided they’d humor me…and go WATCH me eat my slice of cake.


Some in our group were not big custard fans…but good grief, custard is the soul of the Creme Cake! But when they experienced my over-the-top enthusiasm…they finally relented…agreeing to try a piece of Bled Creme Cake with me!

We sat at a Bled lakeside table. Creme Cakes were served.

With fork in hand, I gently cut into my inviting little cake. Savoring the moment, I took my first bite. Bells went off in my mouth! The custard was light, moist…and YES…creamy! The thin pastry was oh-so buttery.

Unique and delicious. Creamy sweet and light…each bite found it’s way down toward contentment. Words can’t describe much more. Even the previously unenthused among us couldn’t enjoy their Creme Cakes fast enough.

Ištvan, old boy…I never had a clue who you might be before my recent Slovenian adventure. I’m so glad I discovered your creation.

Congratulations!  After all these years your deliciously unique Bled Creme Cake has stood the test of time.

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