Caveat Emptor, Suckers.

Trump, The Great Populist.

Adored by the common man.


If you voted for this fraud…someone who filled you with bullshit and lies that he cares about YOU…ask yourselves this: What does he know of your world?


Has he ever participated in the simple pleasures of real people, or performed tasks which provide help for others in need, or has struggled to make ends meet?

Has he ever lit a barbeque, roasted marshmallows over an open campfire, washed the dinner dishes, helped with the laundry, taken the garbage out, changed a diaper, run out to the store at 8:00am for a dozen eggs, called the utility company to see if it could keep the lights on until the next paycheck…Huh?

Does he listen to music?

The list goes on and on. I’m willing to bet that this hero to middle America doesn’t even trim his own fingernails or toenails.

And you fell for this jackal. Good luck the next four years. Check-in with us once in awhile and let us know how it’s working out when you have no medical coverage or your government vouchers in place of Medicare won’t cover the cost of the premiums big insurance will be reaming you for.

You got your hero. Now you’re going to live with him.

Have fun.

Veterans Day

A few short hours ago I wrote on Facebook that I would be deleting my account. I recognize now that I was riding a negative wave of personal, painful emotion. I felt so much anger and despair that our nation, The United States of America, had just elected the second most manipulative, destructive, racist, xenophobic, misogynist, ANTI-LIBERTY candidate in the history of human politics, that I literally wanted to wretch. Because…I think you know who the MOST manipulative, destructive, racist, xenophobic, misogynist, ANTI-LIBERTY candidate in the history of human politics was.

Today is Veterans Day. As I reflect on all the post-election noise, I fear the worst; that this absurd, hateful, preposterous, vengeful, thin-skinned bully stands on the precipice of being the kind of Adolf Hitler tyrant our American military heroes fought so valiantly against during the great anti-facsist world wars.

I fear, yet realize, that millions of Americans lack the basic historical perspective about how hard this nation and other freedom loving nations battled to resist the oppression of freedom…the thousands of blood drenched fights to dispense with tyranny.

However, we are about to become a nation led by a dystopian charlatan…I can’t even stand to say his name… who denigrated POW’s, war heroes and Gold Star families. 60 million Americans voted for this guy.

I wish those Americans among us who believe our future president is their ‘dream guy’ could take a walk one day as I have through the sacred grounds of the American Cemetery at Normandy, France. There you’ll find the graves of American heroes….heroes who gave their lives fighting for freedom against the very kind of hatred and proud racism the American demagogue candidate used to get elected. Think about it: 60 million voters embraced his shameless acts, lies and language.

He won by pandering to cowardly fears.

We can not allow loved ones who lost their lives to have done so in vain. We can not allow the normalization of a demagogue president to shape our futures. We must share our thoughts, create ideas and stand to resist as much as humanly possible the coming winter.

We can’t be made afraid to speak our minds, march in the streets or stand together.

We can not allow the future president to ascend to the post of THE MOST manipulative, destructive, racist, xenophobic, misogynist, ANTI-LIBERTY persona in the history of human politics.

And we should not…can not…leave the country. Do not run. We can not cease commenting on or acting upon what we experience… whether it be good or evil.

The gallant American souls of the 20th century who we honor on Veterans Day would be ashamed of us if we did.