P.F. Sloan explains his contribution to “California Dreamin'” at the Ponderosa Stomp. New Orleans, October 2015


June 26, 2015. The Truckee River. Reno, Nevada.











June 13, 2015

Maggie May. 14 years young…coping with a 110 degree Arizona summer day.

May 20, 2015

Mama Bear and her two babies visited our Tahoe deck this morning. The drought is devastating. They are hungry. I feel sorry for them. But I’m not crazy about having them show up unannounced and scare the shit out of me as I turn to look out our sliding glass window doors. I took this picture as they left our yard, unhappy they couldn’t get their paws on some Ben and Jerry’s…or some other human scented treat.


Justin Herman Plaza. San Francisco, California. February 2015.


JazzFest. New Orleans, Louisiana. April 2008.

Lake Tahoe. California. March 2015.


Rhine River Valley. Germany. October 2014.

Rhine River Valley









Varenna, Lake Como. Italia. May 2013.

Varenna 3

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